Baby Mobile :: Tips and Warnings

Tip and Warnings

1. Baby mobiles should be visually stimulating for your child. Keep in mind that the colors that an infant can clearly see differ from the colors that an older baby can clearly see tend to differ. Try to opt for a baby mobile that contains black and white for infants, and bold shades of red, blue, green, and yellow for older babies. This way, your child will continuously benefit from the colors of the baby mobile.

2. Select a baby mobile which has very active movements in two different directions. Many baby mobiles tend to move horizontally only. You will want to try to select one which also move vertically. The movements in different directions will help the baby maintain interest. This will help improve hand/eye coordination and will also ensure that the baby falls asleep quicker than they normally would have.

3. Try to choose a baby mobile which plays music. This will help relax your baby when you put him or her to sleep. Also be sure to keep in mind that the baby’s hearing will be stimulated when the baby mobile plays music, which is especially important for infants. When selecting a musical baby mobile, you will want to try to avoid purchasing one that plays loud, blaring music. Instead, consider opting for one which plays a very soft lullaby.

4. Decide between wind operated and battery operated baby mobiles. Although battery operated mobiles tend to be somewhat easier to use because they run off batteries alone, they can be expensive to keep running, as there will be a constant need to replace the batteries. Wind operated baby mobiles do need to be wound up before you can use them, but they are known to last much longer and are much more cost efficient. Ultimately, it depends on your own personal preference, however.

5. Opt for a baby mobile which contains a lot of different shapes or objects. The reason is because your baby is going to be able to learn from the baby mobile, when you point out all of the different objects and explain what they are. Your baby will also be able to learn all of the names of the colors on the baby mobile. In order to increase the educational benefits that your baby will receive from their crib mobile, try to find a baby mobile that contains many dangling objects, in a wide variety of colors.

6. Consider selecting an organic baby crib mobile. These mobiles are made with all natural ingredients. Regular baby mobiles are known to release hazardous chemicals which can be detrimental to your baby’s health. Organic varieties are also a great choice for babies who may have allergies. If you have a family history which consists of childhood allergies, then organic just may be the way to go.

7.  Think about choosing a baby mobile that is remote control operated. Although this may sound a little bit ridiculous, it can actually prove to be beneficial. If you want to turn on the baby mobile but do not want to disturb the baby whatsoever, then a remote control operated one can be a great decision.

8. In order to keep the baby safe from harm, you will want to prevent him from being able to actually reach the baby mobile. It is important to keep the mobile at least twelve inches away from the baby. (Note: This is also a good distance because babies have a difficult time seeing directly in front of them). Although it may not be quite as dangerous for older babies to reach out and touch the baby mobile, keeping it out of their reach is still in your best interest.

9. Make sure that the baby will actually be able to see the attachments of the crib mobile. Although it is customary for crib mobiles to be designed so that the baby will be able to enjoy the dangling objects, there are some which may not actually face the baby. A general rule of thumb is to opt for a baby mobile that attaches horizontally. If it attaches vertically, the baby may not be able to see.

10. Finally, consider opting for a baby mobile that goes well with the theme of your baby nursery. Whether the nursery is done in a jungle theme for the future safari hunter or it is done in a sports theme for the future all-star, a baby mobile that sticks with the nursery décor is a great way to narrow down your options.