Baby Mobile :: FAQs


1. Why can a baby mobile be a potential danger to your baby?

The reason is because the strings that are attached to the baby mobile can cause strangulation. If the baby tries to reach for the baby mobile and successfully pulls it down, serious injury and even death can occur.

2. How high should a baby mobile be hung for an infant?

At least twelve inches away from the baby. Babies cannot see objects placed directly in front of them. They also want to reach for objects and if the baby mobile is within reach, it can fall down. A general rule of thumb is the farther away, the better - but the baby still needs to see the mobile.

3. How old should the baby be when you remove the mobile?

Generally speaking, six months. However, it depends on when your baby is able to reach the baby mobile. The moment that he is able to, you have two options: remove the baby mobile or raise it so that it is out of reach. Many parents choose to hang their baby mobile from the ceiling when the baby is able to touch it.

4. What is a great place to put a baby mobile aside from above the crib?

Although you will want to hang a baby mobile from above the crib, there is another great place to put one. It is right above the changing table. This way, there is something that can distract and relax the baby when it comes time to change diapers.

5. Does the baby mobile need to match the décor of the baby nursery?

Most people choose to match their mobile to theme of their nursery. This does not mean that you need to, however. There are many versatile baby mobiles out there which will go great with multiple themes. All that you need to do is look for them.

6. How can baby mobiles be educational for babies?

Caregivers can use baby mobiles as hands on learning tools. All that you need to do is point to all of the different objects that are attached to the baby mobile. Teach your child words by letting them know the names of the objects. Baby mobiles can also be used to introduce colors to your baby.  

7. How can vision be stimulated through the use of baby mobiles?

A baby’s vision can be stimulated through shapes and colors. In order to ensure that the baby will get the most stimulation out of the crib mobile, make sure that you choose one which has plenty of fun shapes and colors.

8. How can hearing be stimulated through the use of baby mobiles?

Much like vision, hearing can also be stimulated through baby mobiles. In order for this to happen, you will need to opt for a musical baby mobile. Keep in mind that mobiles which offer loud, blaring songs will not be beneficial to your baby, however.

9. What type of music should a crib mobile have if you want to provide the baby with relaxation?

Soft lullabies are a great choice. Many experts also believe that classical music will help the baby relax. The main key is to avoid loud, blaring music if you really want the baby to relax.

10. Why should you consider purchasing an organic baby mobile?

Regular baby mobiles are known to release harmful chemicals. When you opt for organic, you will not need to worry about this because the materials used to make the baby mobile will be 100% natural. It is also a great choice for babies who may suffer from allergies.

11. What type of movements should the baby mobile make?

In order to keep your child occupied enough to continue watching, you will want to select a baby mobile that is very active in its movements. This means opting for a baby mobile that moves both horizontally and vertically. An active baby mobile will help stimulate baby’s vision and develop hand/eye coordination.  

12. Should you choose a wind or battery operated baby mobile?

A baby mobile that is battery operated may be easier to use, but will not last as long and will be more costly than a baby mobile which operates on being wound up. It really depends on personal preference, but wind operated baby mobiles tend to be the much wiser option.

13. They sell remote controlled baby mobiles. Why would you need one?

Remote controlled baby mobiles can be a great choice for the baby who is easily woken up. If you want to sneak in the room to turn on the mobile but find that you can’t without disturbing the baby, a remote control can come in handy.  

14. I can’t decide on classical music or a lullaby for my baby mobile. Which is better?

According to the experts, classical musical proves to be very relaxing for babies. A baby mobile that plays a lullaby is a great option if you want to sing along with the music, however. Overall, both are great choices.

15. What colors should the baby mobile be?

Infants benefit most from black and white, while older babies benefit from bold shades of blue, red, green, and yellow. Choosing a baby mobile that contains all, or at least most, of these colors is the best idea. It will ensure that infants and older babies both get enough visual stimulation from the baby mobile.

16. What is the main purpose of a baby mobile?

Most people know that a baby mobile looks great in a nursery, but many have no idea what the main purpose of the baby mobile is. Well, it is designed to relax the baby. Other developmental and educational benefits, such as hand/eye coordination and visual stimulation, are also provided by baby mobiles.

17. Should baby mobiles contain more than one type of object (e.g. different types of bears instead of only polar bears)?

Absolutely. The more objects that the baby mobile contains, the more opportunities there are for your child to learn. It’s also likely that there will be more shapes and colors to visually stimulate your baby.

18. How do you make sure that the baby will be able to see the crib mobile attachments?

Most baby mobiles are designed so that the attachments face the baby, but some do a good job of keeping them hidden. To ensure that your baby will see the objects, opt for a baby crib mobile that has vertical attachments. This will ensure that they will be more visible to your baby.

19. Are all baby crib mobiles of educational value?

No way! There are many manufacturers which are currently improving the quality of baby mobiles so that your child will benefit the most from them. That said, not all crib mobiles are of educational value. This is why you will want to do a lot of shopping around before deciding on one for your baby.

20. Does every baby need a crib mobile?

It is definitely useful for a baby to have a crib mobile. Since it will provide the baby with relaxation, the caregiver will not have to worry so much about the baby not sleeping. Mobiles can also provide a number of developmental and educational benefits that the baby would not be able to take advantage of otherwise.