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Baby Mobile Buying Guide

There are many baby mobiles on the market, but not all of them are the same. Some mobiles will help to stimulate a baby’s vision and development. Other things to consider when purchasing a baby mobile include design, mode of operation, toy display, and sounds. You might also consider the décor of the nursery.

Baby mobiles are great developmental toys for infants. When babies are first-born, their eyesight is not quite the same as ours. It takes them a while to develop the control and focus in their vision. They also do not yet have a sense of colors. The right baby mobile can help stimulate a baby’s eyesight.

When buying a baby mobile, the way it operates should also be a consideration. Does the baby mobile need to be plugged in or does it take batteries? Some baby mobiles might instead operate by a pull switch or need to be wound in order to play. Lights might also be included.

A mobile operated by winding or pulling may need to be frequently wound for baby’s entertainment and stimulation. If you do not mind this or your baby is not going to watch the mobile for longer than a few minutes at a time, this may not be a big deal. However, if the baby is going to be interacting with the baby mobile longer, consider a battery-operated or electric mobile. Rechargeable batteries could be a good investment for battery-operated baby mobiles.

Also be sure to consider the way the mobile attachments and toys will be moving. Some might just circle around, while some may do other things as well, such as move back and forth. Mobiles that move both horizontally and vertically are an ideal choice. Think also of the view that the baby will have when the baby mobile is moving. The more active the movement, provided the toys are at the correct viewing angle, the better the visual stimulation will likely be for baby.

Think also of what type of toys are attached to the mobile. Do they move around or light up? Are they in friendly shapes and colors? Some might include familiar characters or removable slots for visual stimulation photos or family photos.  There even are mobiles that have interchangeable toys for baby’s development.

The music and sounds can be another thing to consider when buying a baby mobile. Is the song or the sound emanating from the mobile something that your baby will love? The sound should be desirable and soothing to the ears of the baby, and probably the parents as well. Some sounds also are great for hearing stimulation, making that another important factor to consider when buying a baby mobile.